GIVEAWAY!!! Oh, and my favorite ELF brushes

Who doesn’t like free stuff?! I’m giving away my favorite ELF brushes, a cream eyeliner and eyeshadow primer!! All you need to do is subscribe to my Youtube channel. I’m also describing in depth what I love about these extremely affordable brushes.

Good luck, I hope you win!!


Applying false eyelashes…

Hey guys,

So, am I the only person that had a difficult time learning how to apply false eyelashes? I can’t tell you the countless times I poked myself in the eye or yanked out a few lashes. Over time, it got a little easier and now it’s no longer as much of a challenge. If you also find yourself in that boat, check out my new video. I have some tips and tricks that helped me make applying easier.

Hope you enjoy. If you do enjoy, please subscribe!

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I’m here!

Hi guys,

I’m here, I swear! Our largest conference at work that we host is coming up in 25 business days, and it is quite crazy at work. Hopefully, things will settle soon. I’m in my last week of 30 for 30 and should have a post up this week of last week’s outfits. This week’s outfits will be posted next Monday.

In the meantime, here’s some of the newest makeup purchases I’ve made:

Much Love,