April Favorites!!

Can you believe it’s almost the end of April? Wow, time really flies by. I know the blog has been lacking for a while, I am really trying to focus my efforts on my YouTube channel. My passion in life is makeup; exploring new makeup, reviewing it, applying it and talking about. My dream/goal is to provide videos on a weekly basis chalk full of makeup application and reviews. I want my blog to follow up with supplemental information to the makeup, plus add in some fashion and tidbits of my life. I really want my blog to be that personable layer…the “get to know me” layer to my dream.

With that, I will leave you with my latest video! Thanks again for reading and watching!

Much Love,


I adore Spring!

Who doesn’t love Spring? It brings the most beautiful weather, trees and flowers are blooming, more time is spent outside, new clothes in fun bright colors are being purchased and it stays lighter, longer! I hope ya’ll are receiving the same beautiful weather that we have here.

I thought I would join in the fun and film the ” I Heart Spring” tag going around on youtube. You can check it out here:

Much love to you all,