Let’s hear it for Coral and Mint Makeup!!

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April Favorites!!

Can you believe it’s almost the end of April? Wow, time really flies by. I know the blog has been lacking for a while, I am really trying to focus my efforts on my YouTube channel. My passion in life is makeup; exploring new makeup, reviewing it, applying it and talking about. My dream/goal is to provide videos on a weekly basis chalk full of makeup application and reviews. I want my blog to follow up with supplemental information to the makeup, plus add in some fashion and tidbits of my life. I really want my blog to be that personable layer…the “get to know me” layer to my dream.

With that, I will leave you with my latest video! Thanks again for reading and watching!

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GIVEAWAY!!! Oh, and my favorite ELF brushes

Who doesn’t like free stuff?! I’m giving away my favorite ELF brushes, a cream eyeliner and eyeshadow primer!! All you need to do is subscribe to my Youtube channel. I’m also describing in depth what I love about these extremely affordable brushes.


Good luck, I hope you win!!

Applying false eyelashes…

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So, am I the only person that had a difficult time learning how to apply false eyelashes? I can’t tell you the countless times I poked myself in the eye or yanked out a few lashes. Over time, it got a little easier and now it’s no longer as much of a challenge. If you also find yourself in that boat, check out my new video. I have some tips and tricks that helped me make applying easier.

Hope you enjoy. If you do enjoy, please subscribe!


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