It’s almost here…

We are working on getting the room ready for filming! On a side note, talking to the camera is really hard! I’m sure the first few videos will be really awkward. But, I am so thrilled to be filming videos.

Stay tuned!

Much love,


P.S. 30 for 30 week 2 will be up tomorrow.


3 thoughts on “It’s almost here…

  1. That is one tidy Worktop….You should see mine, it’s awful..Nightmare inducing! Getting organized is so hard!

    I can imagine getting used to talking to the camera is pretty difficult because it’s so much harder to be natural but practise makes perfect. When you look at people like Michelle Phan she’s gotten so much more comfortable talking directly to the cam now than she was a few years back as all her vids had voice overs. Good luck!

    Clare x

  2. Thanks, ladies! And, yes I was watching older videos of Tanya Burr and EmilyNoel and they have come along way since several years ago. Practice does make perfect! Thanks for the comments.

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