Blue Had Me at Hello: Wet N Wild Review

Yes, you read the title correctly. I said Wet N Wild…you know the makeup that every girl born in the 80’s wore during high school? Well, they are back and with a vengeance, I might add. The quality of their eyeshadow is superb and is right on par with MAC, Urban Decay and pretty much any other high-end makeup brand. In fact, I own over 8 palettes from Wet N Wild and I tend to grab those shadows more than the high-end stuff.

This palette in particular is a favorite of mine. The colors range from deep, dark and luxurious to bright, shiny and fun.

This is the “Blue Had Me at Hello” Palette:
WW 2
Cost of palette: $4.99 US
The palette features 8 shades
WW 1
-Matte Black
-Black with Silver Specs
-Shiny Navy Blue
-Shimmery Blue
-Deep Turquoise
-Shiny Mint
-Shimmery White
Here are 6 swatches of the 8 colors (I left the 2 black colors out):
WW swatch

The colors are pigmented, they have great color payoff and they leave little fallout behind when applying to the lid. Also, I think the shiny navy blue is a perfect dupe for MAC’s Deep Truth and the turquoise is similar to MAC’s Aquadisiac. One MAC eyeshadow pot will run you $15 + dollars, this whole palette is less than $5. So, run out and go try one of these amazing palettes!There are a few others for purchase…the two other I own are Petal Pusher and Comfort Zone. These can be purchased at any drugstore or big box store!

Much Love,



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