What I’m Wearing: 30 for 30 Pt. 2

Do you know how difficult it is to pare down to 30 articles of clothing? This weekend, as I started digging through my closet to compile my 30 articles of clothing, thoughts of “Why did I decide to do this?” or ” Seriously, these are my clothes?” started taking over my brain. Those thoughts are the exact opposite of what this challenge is about. My main frustration was making my outfits appropriate for all 5 days of the work week. Board meetings and legislative receptions require a certain level of professional attire and I was worried about fitting those outfits into the plan. Nevertheless, I left the closet, took a few deep breaths and realized that I can do this!

I’m happy to say that I successfully chose 30 articles of clothing that include a few pieces that take me out of my comfort zone and a few familiar pieces as well.

Here’s what I’m wearing over the next few weeks:
– 2 pairs of jeans
– 4 scarves
– 1 wide belt
– 3 layering tank tops
– 1 long sleeve white shirt for cold days
Odds and Ends
– 4 cardigans
– 3 blouses
3 blouses
– 3 dresses
3 dresses
– 1 blazer
– 1 jean jacket
– 1 heavier weight cardigan
3 jackets
– 2 black pants
– 2 skirts
skirt pant 1
skirt pant 2
– 2 sweaters
2 sweaters

So, now you’ve seen all 30 items. My original plan was to include shoes into the mix of 30. However, with a few work functions coming up that required dressier attire, I really needed the clothing. Plan on a post this weekend with the first 5 outfits of 30 for 30.

As always, much love!



3 thoughts on “What I’m Wearing: 30 for 30 Pt. 2

  1. Jess this is really cool. For 2013 I set an intention to have less material things and appreciate/take better care the things I do have. Seems along the same principle, I like it a lot and can’t wait to read more of your posts. You are inspiring. xoxo

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